To everyone involved in mall management
Introducing programming classes from 2020
It is currently featured in many media such as television and magazines.
Now, even in the lesson rankings that children want to learn, they are always ranked high.
Many children and parents are paying attention.
It will be a little longer, but I would appreciate it if you could check it to the end.
01: Attracting customers and topicality
Attracting customers: First of all, please check the following event performance examples.
An event was held in August 2018 at AEON MALL Morioka Minami in Iwate Prefecture.
By distributing store info and leaflets, the recruitment capacity of 100 people is full in 30 minutes from the start of reception. have become!
An event will be held in May 2018 at Mallage Shobu in Saitama Prefecture.
By distributing store info and leaflets, the recruitment capacity of 180 people is full in 3 hours from the start of reception have become!
An event will be held in April 2018 at AEON MALL Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture.
In-store info and Ikoyo posted, the recruitment capacity of 250 people is full in 1 hour from the start of reception have become!
An event will be held in December 2017 at a shopping mall in Saitama Prefecture.
By distributing in-store posters and leaflets, the recruitment capacity of about 120 people has started from the start of online recruitment.  Full in 2 hours  have become!
Topic: Thanks to you, all the events we have held so far have been fully appreciated.
One of the features of this event is that the satisfaction of parents and children is very high .
The main reason is that it leads to learning while experiencing.
Since the family is always accompanied by one child, it is possible to attract young families.
In addition, we hope that the topic will increase further through alliances with the media (television, radio, newspapers).
02: Programming experience
Experience: First of all, please check the events that we can handle below.
・ Programming with the body ・ ・ Programming to move forward, jump, and learn with the body
・ Ruby's picture book ・ ・ Popular with picture books for young children! Programming learned through the world view of picture books
・ Minecraft ・ ・ Let's learn in the world of Minecraft, a game that is very popular with children
・ SCRATCH ・ ・ Representative of programming for elementary school students
・ Scratch  Jr (Scratch Junior) ... Programming for kindergarten students
・ Ozobot ・ ・ The most popular event! Palm-sized robot programming
・ KOOV ・ ・ Sony's cutting-edge robot programming
・ Little Bit's ・ ・ Programming thinking ability learned through electronic work
・ Small drone ・ ・ Small drone that can be freely flown anywhere because it is within the specified size
and more ..
Little Bit's(リトルビッツ)
Of our programming event  The feature is diversity  is.
It is possible to have a different event each time. Therefore, many people can come regularly without getting tired of it.
In addition, by setting up various programming booths in one venue,
It is also possible to create an event venue as if you were at a theme park.
Regarding booths, we can accommodate venues of 100 m2 or more.
Since one event lasts 60 minutes on average, the number of people who can participate depends on how many times a day it is held.
The number of people who can participate at one time may vary depending on the content of the event.
​ The target age range is from seniors in kindergarten to elementary school students. (Depending on the content)
03: Conductor after the event
Please leave the follow-up to those who came to programming for children.
The following questions will be asked a lot!
・ If it is difficult because there are other programming classes in the mall
→ It is possible to introduce the customers who attracted customers at the event to the partner's classroom as it is!
Our aim is to make many people aware of the appeal of programming.
Please be assured that we are not attracting customers to our company.
モール イベント















04: Price Price
I will give you a rough guide below. (We will offer the lowest price in the industry.)
Planning: 1DAY event
Purpose: Attracting customers & improving customer satisfaction
Time: 10:00 to 17:00 (60 minutes each x 5 times)
Participation: 130 groups (24 groups each)
Target: Elementary school students
Contents: Minecraft
Equipment: SMILE TECH ready
Amount: 300,000 yen + transportation expenses (We have bases in Saitama, Tokyo, and Osaka)
​If you confuse multiple programs or incorporate a drone robot, the amount will vary slightly.
Also, from the above amount  Regularly held  If you receive, you will get a further discount  We are also happy to do it.
We have many staff who are accustomed to handling children, and we are a company specializing in programming events.
The content of the information will change depending on your request, so please feel free to contact us first.
All the staff are waiting from the bottom of my heart.
Phone: 048-700-3456