There are many events at SMILE TECH this summer!

It's hard to go out This summer , let's experience programming that you can't usually do at SMILE TECH!

Please join us!

7/13 Additional event will be held!​

​I received a lot of voices, so

Experience event "scratch"
We will also hold it in our own classroom! !!

​This year we were planning to hold only online about scratch,
We received many requests to experience it in the classroom, so we decided to hold it in our own classroom.
​ For details, please see the experience event page.

​Experience event

Let's experience programming with a participation fee of 0 yen!

Don't worry even for the first time.

Why don't you take this opportunity to enjoy programming that is attracting attention now?

You can participate in your own classroom or online (individual lessons)!


The first programming to learn in the world of Minecraft, which is very popular with children!


Let's make an aquarium with the programming teaching material scratch introduced in many elementary schools! !!

​Please see the link below for more information on free events.

​Entry fee


  ​ Summer vacation event


Why don't you participate in a special project this summer that you can't experience even in your regular class?

Feel free to challenge what you have been interested in or what you do not know at all!

You can participate in your own classroom or online (group class)!

* Some events may not be available online. See details for details.


The second installment following spring break! !!

Now let's create a coaster with a 3D printer!

Parent-child participation

Unity 3DCG

Move the character you drew,

Run around in the world of Unity!


A must-see for anyone who wants to create a homepage from scratch!

Let's create your own HP!


Combining scratch and microbit

Let's try to make a game!


With scratch

Your ownLet's make a fireworks display!


​​ participation

  We'll be expecting you!

​Please see the link below for more information on free events.


SMILE TECH and summer memories

Let's make it!

Please see here for SMILE TECH.