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Play seriously and learn seriously.

#Lesson flow

Learn English through everyone's favorite Micra.

* It's okay if you're new to Micra!

Lesson flow ①: Simple greetings and self-introduction
②: Check today's study points
③: Making a work
④: Work announcement
⑤: Closing greeting
⑥: Review video (online course only)

What you can learn

# 1: Basics and applications of visual programming

# 2: Thinking ability to think about the program you want to do through the lesson, expressive ability to express it


#Introduction process

Safe follow-up for beginners and parents who are not familiar with computers

# 1: Apply for a trial session dedicated to online courses!

・ Let's apply for a trial session from the dedicated form

-Install Minecraft software

-Check if your home has internet

# 2: Anyone can rest assured, environment settings

・ First, set the environment for online learning

-Dedicated advisor supports initial settings

-We also accept consultations on questions and concerns.

-Determine the reservation date for the first online course

# 3: Pounding, the first online course

・ Experience online lessons and experience fun lessons provided by experienced instructors

-After the 45-minute experience, let's take a look at the report received from the teacher!

-In this course, the teacher will record each lesson, so

You can review what you have learned in your spare time, so the review is perfect!


# 4: Ticket application and next reservation

・ Purchase a ticket to take classes and make a reservation next time!

-If you have any questions, feel free to consult with an advisor.


About tickets

・ It is very convenient because it can be used in our own classrooms, online courses, and all curriculums!

For first-time users:

Ticket purchase by cash or wire transfer:

#Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.





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