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Programming school for children

A source of vitality needed for future children

Programming classroom management

Programming education has been attracting a lot of attention from the world since it was introduced in elementary schools from 2020.

For the next generation (AI, big data, blockchain, 5G, drone) that will start in earnest

It will be one of the skills and knowledge that children must acquire.

The best track record in the industry! We have conveyed the appeal of programming content to 35,000 people in four years.

I can teach you because it is SMILE TECHState-of-the-art programming classroom.

Please try the programming class, which is a hot topic now, which can be started from a minimum of 14 days!

The charm of SMILE TECH

One and only genuine programming education


Customer attraction support

Cooperated with schools, governments, and events

Original customer attraction support system


Reliable support

After the contract, there will be an exclusive supporter

​ You can prepare for opening with confidence


Latest content

As the teaching materials are continuously updated, it is safe to upgrade and the volume is perfect.

Rich content

An environment where you can learn as much as you like



A typical visual language in elementary school

​ Is used in many


Scratch design

In this industry's first course, you will learn animation from character creation

Event content

Spring break and summer vacation have a different curriculum in the classroom



Robots that change rapidly

​ SMILETECH delivers the cutting edge



The next generation that is attracting the most attention now

There is also content drone learning

Paid content

The possibilities are endless, content for junior high school to high school students



Through digital art​ You can do project mapping.



Learn English happily through the world of Minecraft.



You can also use 3DCG technology to run it in Unity or make it with a 3D printer.



You can create an original app through app development.

Deployment process

Aiming for a programming class that everyone wants to attend

About tuition fee

・ In the case of scratch

-You can set the price freely if the monthly fee is 5,500 yen or more.

-The average of the industry is 90 minutes per person x twice a month, and the market price is 11,000 yen to 16,500 yen per month.

-Tickets can be shared if the price is the same as SMILETECH

* Please contact us if you would like content other than scratch.

About admission fee etc.
・ Admission fee, teaching material fee, operating fee, equipment fee, etc. can be set freely.

・ These amounts are not eligible for royalties.


About payment method

・ If you wish to have the same plan as our company, you will need to purchase a ticket.

(Since you pay in bulk, income management becomes easier)

・ Monthly fee system is common, but it is recommended to prepare a monthly plan etc.

About the initial contract fee

・ Usually 550,000 yen

-SMILE TECH trademark usage fee

-Announcements and promotions during classrooms and events

-Consultation counter / support

-First time! Opening training (1st ~)

-First time! Classroom manager training (1st ~)

-Twice a year training

About royalties

・ Usually 55,000 yen ​​

-Since it is all-you-can-use for each classroom, it is simple

-Introducing a secure flat-rate plan! The price does not change even if the number of students increases

* As of October 2020, the maximum number of students enrolled in one SMILETECH classroom is 143.

-Normally 33,000 yen for up to 3 months including the start month ​​



・ It will be a contract for each classroom (address)

・ The contract period is one year, and a renewal fee will be charged after the second year. ・ You may be a member of FC in scratches, robot classrooms, etc. of other companies.

Why Smile Tech is chosen!

・ Original FC development ‥ You can develop your own brand!

・ Enrichment of curriculum ‥ Text-based curriculum!

・ In the future, even at school ... Instructors at elementary, elementary and junior high schools!

Flow until the start of the course

Classroom management that can be started in a minimum of 14 days

Step 1: Contact us

Step 2: Contract

Step 3: Training

Step 4: Start attracting customers

Step 5 : Classroom starts

There is also a consultation desk and support

Support is also safe ♪


Consultation with franchise stores

Please feel free to contact us for consultation, application, etc.

Please fill in the details

Thank you for sending

Greetings from the representative

Global development starting from programming education


Smile Me Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Yuta Yamaguchi

With the mission of "cultivating world-class global human resources"
We have launched the programming division "SMILE TECH".

Not only classroom management and events, but also classes and advisors at schools and governments

We also collaborate with robot companies and develop our own curriculum.

Over the past three years, I have taught 18,000 children all over Japan.

Teaching programming to the most children in Japan

We take pride in being a team.

The lessons we deliver are not just about programming

First of all, have fun, get interested,

It is important for you to like it.

As a result, SMILE TECH has achieved a continuation rate of 93%.

The need for programming

Indispensable for the coming era

“Everyone in this country must be able to program.

Because you will be able to understand the "idea". ”

Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple)

“Make a new video game, not buy it.

Design instead of downloading the latest apps.

Program them, not just play them.

No matter who you are or where you live

Computers will play an important role in your future.

If you study hard, the future will be certain. ”

Barack Obama (President of the United States)

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