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For kindergarten


For seniors

To a new learning environment

Tablet learning for kindergartens and nursery schools
Next-generation education starting with tablet learning for children all over Japan and around the world

About tablet learning

Programming education started in elementary school in 2020.

Along with that, each school started the GIGA school concept including tablets.

It is now commonplace for each person to have a tablet as soon as they enter elementary school.

Tablet learning, which is of great interest to parents, is available as special content for seniors.

Why don't you start a special lesson to learn while playing, from programming to design, which is a hot topic now?

The possibilities of learning are endless
From programming to the world of art, a full curriculum and level-up system



A curriculum specializing in art and design using tablets. Let's use the paint function and pen function!



Tablets, robots and drones! !!​ Very popular! Smile Tech is the only greedy programming content!



​Does something you draw pop out? !! From AR familiar with Pokemon GO to manufacturing with a 3D printer!

Deployment process
Follow-up with peace of mind, whether you are a beginner or a garden unfamiliar with tablets

# 1 : Feel free to contact us first!

・ Please contact us from the dedicated form ♪

-Regarding budget and specific curriculum

-Regarding the target area and time

# 2: Pre-meeting
・ Meeting with the person in charge based on the content of the inquiry

-See and experience the content

-We also accept consultations on questions and concerns.

# 3: Pre-open / Regular lesson start

・ Experience tablet learning and experienced teachers provide fun lessons

-After the experience, let's see the work together!

-We also have an original workbook where you can collect stickers for each lesson.


Please feel free to contact us ♪

Dedicated form  "Click here"

You can also contact us from the following.

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