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  Online learning  
  To a new learning environment  

Online learning for
elementary, junior high, and high school students

 Next generation education starting online for children in Japan and around the world

About online services

The biggest difference between SMILETECH and other programming schools is that SMILETECH offers a full range of services that allow you to learn what you want, when you want, and where you want.
With a ticket system that can be used both online and in real life, and a rich curriculum that is also used in actual schools and educational settings, we are constantly evolving our various services by utilizing our track record as a cutting-edge programming business.
In addition, we offer services at a reasonable price, so you can continue for a long time.

The possibilities of learning are endless
From programming to the world of art, a full curriculum and level-up system



It is a typical visual language in elementary schools and is used in many schools.

Group: 90 minutes: 2 tickets: 2,500 yen (excluding tax)

One-to-one: 45 minutes: 2 tickets: 2,500 yen (excluding tax)



You can do project mapping through digital art.

Group: 90 minutes: 3 tickets: 3,750 yen (excluding tax)

One-to-one: 45 minutes: 3 tickets: 3,750 yen (excluding tax)



It can be run in Unity using 3DCG  or made with a 3D printer.

Group: 90 minutes: 3 tickets: 3,750 yen (excluding tax)

One-to-one: 45 minutes: 3 tickets: 3,750 yen (excluding tax)

Deployment process
Safe follow-up for beginners and parents who are not familiar with computers

# 1 : Apply for a trial session dedicated to online courses!

・ Let's apply for a trial session from the dedicated form

-Check if you have a computer and internet at home

* Please prepare a computer with a camera or an external camera.


# 2: Anyone can rest assured, environment settings
・ First, set up the environment for online learning on your home computer.

-Dedicated advisor supports initial settings

-We also accept consultations on questions and concerns.

-Determine the reservation date for the first online course

# 3: Pounding, the first online course

・ Experience online lessons and experience fun lessons provided by experienced instructors

-After the 45-minute experience, let's take a look at the report received from the teacher!

-In this course, the teacher will record each lesson, so you can review what you have learned in your spare time, so the review is perfect!


# 4: Apply for tickets and make reservations for next time

・ Purchase a ticket to take classes and make a reservation next time!

-If you have any questions, feel free to consult with an advisor.


About tickets

・ It is very convenient because it can be used in our own classrooms, online courses, and all curriculums!

For first-time users:

Ticket purchase by cash or wire transfer:

Regarding overseas students

・ Thanks to you, we have participated from more than 10 countries and regions nationwide ♪

・ Recommended for those who want to get in touch with Japanese programming education.


 Safe even for the first time 

Safe for those who are new to online courses.

I tried to eliminate the anxiety until the introduction!

Initial support breakdown:

-Explanation of SMILE TECH

-Various registrations and settings

-Explanation of various courses

-Explanation of the ticket system

-Explanation of reservation method

-Questions and consultations before class

* Please select "First Support" when applying for the trial session

It has been well received by many people.
We have received other comments as well! Please see here.

Coubic review 4.9!

It was my first time programming, so I thought it would be difficult, but it was surprisingly easy to do and the time flew by.
My child had a great time and wants to do it again, so I will consider it.

The teacher in charge was polite and easy to understand.
He also gives good advice and doesn't just teach. He waited until my daughter was finished when things weren't going well. The best thing about him was that he worked with my daughter to figure out what was going wrong.
My daughter seemed nervous at first, but as she learned more and more, she started to smile.

It was his first time to learn Minecraft, but he was taught very gently and carefully, and it was very easy to understand and he enjoyed it.
It is a Corona disaster, so I thought it would be great to be able to learn programming online. Thank you very much.

(Online private lesson) In the 45 minutes I had, there were no product explanations or solicitations. I was able to take the course without any worries because he explained everything on my screen in a one-on-one manner. Through this valuable experience, I was able to visualize programming in a concrete way, for which I am grateful. Thank you very much.

It was my child's first time trying programming and he really enjoyed it. He's learning fast, and I've discovered a new skill in my child!
I'm very happy we've had so much fun online! Thank you very much.

Participating from all over the world
Since it corresponds from 9 am to 9 pm Japan time, it is possible to correspond to the time difference ♪


​​If you have any other questions,

please click here.



10:00 to 17:00(weekdays)




10:00 to 17:00(weekdays)

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