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Beyond your limits

The possibilities are endless

Programming contest for elementary / junior high school students
Work hard with children from all over Japan and around the world and aim for a prize!

​What is the SMILE TECH Contest?

Of course, you will be able to demonstrate the technical capabilities you have cultivated through the contest.

The power to attract your work, what should you do to make it noticeable to others?

Have them acquire marketing skills by leading ideas and ideas.

Also, through the contest, you can improve your artistic skills by drawing your own pictures.

Do not use images or sound sources of others without permission, etc.

I hope it will give you an opportunity to be aware of copyright.

This month's theme: "Travel"
Application period: Until September 1st (Wednesday)

Result announcement: 9/8 (Wednesday) on YouTube

# 1 : Confirmation of eligibility

・ Upper grades: 5th grade to 3rd grade

・ Lower grades: 1st to 4th grades

# 2: Confirmation of this month's theme
・ First of all, it is recommended to check the information on YOUTUBE


-Freely think about games, animations, stories, etc.!

# 3: Check the rules

* Be sure to include "memo and credit" in the submitted work.

Please write "grade" and "SMILETECH contest" and apply ♪

・ Be careful about copyright! (Smile Tech also prepares materials)

・ Points for high evaluation (important)

-Let's be aware of the title screen!

-In "How to use", write in detail how to operate the game!


# 4: Confirmation of prizes for this month

Don't lose to Corona! Chance to win a gorgeous prize! !!

All participants: One SMILE TECH ticket will be presented! !!

・ Upper grades:

Grand Prize: Special set of 100 color pens 🖍

Idea Award: Book Card 💳

Special prize: Book card 📚

・ Lower grades:

Grand Prize: Special set of 100 color pens 🖍

Idea Award: Book Card 💳

Special prize: Book card 📚

This month's sponsor:







Last month's winners: "Superhero"
With the cooperation of Smile Me, the 12th prize-winning works have been announced!

Upper grades (5th grade to junior high school students)


Grand Prize

Author: rikutogame

Title: Block RPG


Idea award

Author: tonkatti

Title: Help everyone to become a hero ...


Special prize

Author: Eichan228

Title: Hero's strongest deciding match!

Lower grades (1st grade to 4th grade)


Grand Prize

Author: kopi_kopi

Title: Go! Go! Hero Lightman


Idea award

Author: omamekun

Title: Become a calculation master ...


Special prize

Author: hidanohana0621

Title: Nekopon-chan is a hero

Check past works on official YOUTUBE!

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