Corporate philosophy

Work that benefits people for the world

1: We aim to be Japan's number one in programming education for children.
2: We always try to speak and act with professionalism.
3: We always try and error .
4: Create a space where children can enjoy learning and growing.
5: Create a space where parents can feel at ease.
6: As a person involved in education, I always try to grow myself.
7: Always keep the antenna up and try to get the latest information.
8: Provide children with a Disney-like excitement.
9 : Try to do an appropriate job with a sense of speed .
10: Try to speak and act flexibly without being bound by your own thoughts.
Purpose of programming education
We are programming for children
Not only to acquire thinking ability and technical ability, but also
The purpose is to improve international power in the process of learning.
・ Programming ・ English ・ Discussion ・ Presentation ・ Video
For the purpose of programming education we think of
Creating a space full of excitement in classes and events,
Increase your team and your fans.
The world of programming is subject to change.
Always keep an antenna on changes in information
Let's acquire the flexibility to respond to any situation.
For children, parents, peers and teams
Always be kind and attentive.
Always be one step ahead and be considerate.
Never forget the spirit of hospitality.
For the future of children