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  Online learning  
  Safe even for the first time

Online study reservation-flow until the day of class
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Book online classes

Please make a reservation after referring to the explanatory materials and videos.
Click here for other Q & A

□ Select the desired course from the reservation site

Environmental setting

Please set the environment by referring to the instruction manual and video from the day before the reservation date to 3 days before.

□ Create a Google account for your child (first time only)

□ Contact Smile Me with your child's Google account (first time only)

□ Confirm the reply from Smile Me and access the classroom (first time only)

□ ZOOM download (first time only)

■ Install when processing or 3DCG is selected (first time only)

Class preparation

Please watch the "Class Preparation" video by the day of the online class.

Please understand the contents of the class day.

□ Open Google 5 minutes before class and open a classroom

□ The URL of ZOOM will be sent to the classroom, so click it. □ ZOOM will open automatically and you can enter PW.

Class start

To everyone who attends our own classroom

Please check the details of the change in the reservation method.

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